Ice Plate Machine



    The ice plate machine is a new product which has developed a technology combining the frozen storage . The ice plate machine controlled by microcomputer centrally, this product is easy to operate. Our ice making machine can produce ice in plate shape. The evaporator adopts flat-wall liquid film heat exchange technology and the technology of ice forming on both sides of the heat exchange tube. The S-shape heat exchange tube is designed based on the hot runner. Hot gas ice dropping technology is also employed in our ice plate machine.

1: High-quality evaporator is made of stainless steel which adopted in our ice plate making equipment to guarantee powerful ice making performance.
2: As a new product, our plate ice machine can save more than 30% energy. 
3: Our ice plate machine contains highly intelligent working systems and it is free from mechanical wear.
4: Equipped with a PLC programmable monitoring system, our plate ice making equipment can work independently without being supervised by specially-assigned worker.

Ice Plate Machine Series