Working conditionsparameterFittings original place
Ambient temp.+50℃
Relative humidity85%
Supply water Temperature23℃
Power supply380V/3Phase/50Hz,220V/3Phase/50Hz,415V/3Phase/50Hz
Evaporative temp.-20℃
Condensing temp.40℃
Compressor typesemi-hermetic piston compressor
Cooling systemwater cooling condenser
ParametersTechnical data
Daily output6 tons/day
DimensionMachine: 1850mm x 1700mm x 1420mm
Cooling tower: in stall in the outside
Cooling capacity36.1kW
CompressorBrandBitzer (Germany)
Power of cooling tower2.1 kW
Power of reducer0.37 kW
Power of recycling water pump0.18 kW
Power of brine pump0.018 kW
Thickness1.5mm~2mm, it is adjustable
Power consumption75~80Kw.h/ton
Name of ComponentsBrand NameOriginal Country
Electrical componentsLGKorea brand
Ice cutterStainless steelJapan brand
Float valveALCOAmerica ( Mexico )
Drier and filterFasikeChina
High and low pressure relayDanfossDenmark
High pressure meterSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Low pressure meterSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Solenoid valveCastalItaly
Expansion valveDanfossDenmark
Oil separatorEmersonAmerica ( Mexico )
Level glassALCOAmerica ( Mexico )
Air return filterFasikeChina
Shut-off valveCastalItaly
Cooling towerLCT30China
Cooling water pumpGD65-19China
Water cooled condenserWN-25China
Water pumpStainless steel pump
Salt water pumpStainless steel pump
Level switchChina
Photoelectric switchChina
Voltage stabilizerChina
Spare parts2pcs of switch and 2pcs of solenoid valve for each machine
Due to the renew of our technology, the parameter will be a little different, please contat with us to know more about the newest products!



Flake Ice Machine Series