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Wall-mounted One-piece Intelligent Cold Room Unit

Wall-mounted One-piece Intelligent Cold Room Unit
Design Feature:
●Defrosting water automatic evaporating system.
●The electronic expansion valve throttles for efficient operation.
●Inner grooved copper tubes are used in the condenser and evaporator for efficient condensation and evaporation.
●Unique mandatory defrosting mode design, avoiding the evaporator side frost-free dry.
●Integral box-type structure is adopted to avoid the quick aging of the equipment, electric appliances and wires.
●Self diagnostic. Automatic adjustment occurs according to the ambient and inside temperature and humidity.
●Intelligent defrosting. Various defrosting methods: air defrosting, four-way valve defrosting and electronic expansion valve defrosting.Defrosting methods switch automatically according to the cold room temperature and ambient temperature. Defrosting time and power consumption reduces greatly. And  the cold room temperature rising is under control in minimum range.Multiple defrosting safeguards system ensures safe  defrosting and the unit’s steady operation.
●Unique low pressure compensation system during four-way valve defrosting.
●International brand accessories are adopted to control technological process.
●Convenient installation, plug and play, time-saving and labor-saving. No need welding and water pipes connecting during installing.


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Application :
Widely used in places that have special requirements for temperature, such as  food refrigeration industry, industrial environmental laboratory, electronics manufacturing and detecting industry, chemical medicine industry.


Packing & Delivery



Our Service


1:Warranty: One year.
2:Manual Book:  Detail instruction book with clear drawing will be provided to tell you how to install and operate the machine.
3:If customer's technicians come to Guangzhou and visit our factory, we can train the customer's technicians to operate and install machines.
4:It is possible that customers need our technicians to install and train customers operating machines in their country. We have technicians who have been to many different countries to work.
5:If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We would be very glad to provide professional service for you. 






1.  Q: Can the power supply be single phase?
 A: Single phase electricity is not applicable. It need the industrial supply electricity for the whole plant, that is to say it needs 3 phase electricity, 380~420V/50Hz/3P or 220~240V/ 60Hz/3P, or other types.
For special power supply type, we will design a special motor for you. So please kindly tell me your local industrial power supply when you send the inquiry, we will offer you based on the exact requirement. 

2. Q: Do you make testing and commissioning before you deliver the machine? 
A: Yes, all of our machines will be tested and commissioned at least 3 days to ensure sufficient output and stable performance before delivery. When you get the machine, you just need to  connect water and power supply. 

If you enquire cold room, please kindly confirm the following information:
1. what your cold room is used for;
2. what room temperature you required for;
3. what the cold room dimension is or how much food or other products will be put inside;
Please kinldy confirm the above information and we will reply you as soon as possible.



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