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Plate Ice Maker Machine HYF Series

Performance Features for Plate ice maker machine

Unique Structure:
Mastering two unique technologies: flat-plate heat exchange technology & circulating heat gas for ice dropping technology. The new-type ice made via unique ice technology and special ice dropping has solved the limitation of traditional ice by frozen drum, and reaches the international leading level.

We have suceeded in producing ice which could generate ice thickness of only 2mm; for the new-type ice , you can adjust the thickness of ice from 2mm to 30mm according to your needs.

Prominent energy saving function:
HYF series plake ice maker machine only has 60KWH power consumption per ton, while another type plake ice maker machine in the current market which makes ice by mechanical ice dropping needs 110KWH power consumption per ton. The energy-saving rate can reach more than 30% and own great economic value.

Quality advantages:
The evaporator of plake ice maker machine is for falling film plate; its material is stainless steel, stable chemical properties, and reasonable evaporator structure. It doesn’t exist in abnormal oil return, so that the compressor will not be burnt out by it. Besides, the evaporator doesn't need rotating. It has no refrigerant leak, no maintenance, no mechanical ice dropping structure, and no mechanical wear. It can guarantee the machine work in the long time.

Easy operation:
Stable in ice production; PLC editable control; only the capacity needs selecting and confirming. Other procedures will be automatically finished under PLC program control. It doesn't need special engineer to monitor.

Wide application:
Water source of plate ice machine can be either fresh water or sea water. It doesn't need to change any components for them. So HYF machine can not only meet the needs for food process, but also can be used for pelagic fishery and transportation.

ice maker machine principle:

01:Cold water tank
02:Cold water sprinkler
03:Warm water sprinkler
04:Refrigerant outlet
05:Refrigerant inlet
06:Water return
07:Refrigerant runner
08:Double stainless steel plate evaporator
09:Water sink
10:Warm water tank
11:Water inlet
12:Cold water pump     13:Reducer     14:Warm water pump     15:ice crushing gadget          16:ice outlet

Large Plate ice maker Machine in Concrete Project 100 ton

ice plate Machine images

Large Plate ice maker Machine in Concrete Project 100 ton

Large Plate ice maker Machine in Concrete Project 100 ton

Large Plate ice maker Machine in Concrete Project 100 ton

Large Plate ice maker Machine in Concrete Project 100 ton

plate ice maker machine Technical parameters:

NO. images(42*42) Production Rated Power Circulating Water Pump Power Cooling Water Pump Power Cooling Fan Power Weight of Machine Machine Dimension
--   Ton/24h Kw Kw Kw Kg kg L*W*H(mm)
HYF10 1.0 3.69 0.37 1.5 0.37 860 1320*950*1800
HYF20 2.0 7.11 0.55 1.5 0.55 1200 1400*1100*1800
HYF30 3.0 9.68 0.55 2.2 0.75 1350 1500*1100*1950
HYF50 5.0 17.74 0.55 2.2 1.5 1500 1600*1250*2200
HYF100 10.0 26.60 5.50 4 1.5 2500 1700*1300*2200
HYF150 15.0 48.30 7.50 5.5 2.2 3800 3000*1500*2200
HYF200 20.0 63.0 7.50 7.5 3.75 4650 3500*1500*2200

ice process introduction:

  When the refrigeration system begins operating normally, the water in the tank below is transported from the cold water tank to the cold water sprinkler by the cold water pump. It is then evenly sprinkled on the surface of the evaporator. Through the cycle working of the refrigerant, some water is created into plate ice, while the water which does not become ice returns to the cold water tank below and waits for the next water cycle. After a period of time the water cycle and refrigeration stops and the water and overheating refrigerants gas begin a heat exchange with the plate ice at the same time. The plate ice then loses adhesive force and the ice drops into the ice crushing gadget due to gravity. After the ice is off the water temperature becomes low and it returns into the water sink waiting the next cycle.

Application fields:

  Plate ice is dense ice,high cleaning ability big refrigeration quantity , and ice thickness is adjustable . Lts function become incressingly important in industry , agricuture and fishing industry, plate ice is widely used for fisheries production , aquatic products processing ,aquatic fishing , transportation ice using ,meat product processing , suupermaket, fresh-keeping,food process,medicine, chemical and dye , fermentation engineering, construction project concrete cooling , mine cooling, ice storage project and paper industry

Debugging Process:


Plate ice machine features:

  1. ◇Peculiarity : industry leading evaporator
  2. ◇Outstanding energy-saving : the efficiency of energy-saving can reach beyond 30%, it's a new generation saving energy product
  3. ◇Absolute quality advantage : the material of the evaporator is stainless steel 304(SUS 304), the machine no have any wear and tear, intelligently system.
  4. ◇Easy to operate : PLC programmable monitor , no need manpower

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Block ice cans are welded by automatic welding machine:

The usage life of brine tank is over fifteen years:

We are manufacturing under the status with intension and well-organized:

We are very strict to treat every step from material selecting, quality inspection, till shipment:

Payment & Shipping Terms:


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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Guangzhou
Packaging Details: 1. Standard wooden case.
2. Completely ice machine

contain: ice machine, cooling tower, water pump, water pipes and water pipe fittings.
3. Machine come into use, customer only need prepare power for the machine.
4. All required components for install the machine will be provide

Delivery Time: 30 days after down payment
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Month

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