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ice block machine FAQS

by Admin Update time: 2012-12-10 10:01

1.what daily ice capacity do we have?
The daily capacity of hot sales machine can be from 1 ton to 100 tons.
2.what is the weight of the block ice?
The weigth of hot sales can be designed as 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg....You should confirm which is suitable for your market.
3.What is the condition of your machine?
The standard power of machine running is 380v/50Hz/3Phase, or 230v/60Hz/3p ,of course, it can be designed as your request.

4.which cooling way you can accept?
The cooling way , standard design is water cooling (air cooling for selection).
5.Which refrigerant you offer?
Refrigerant choose R22 or R404a.
6.What is the refrigeration unit you offer?

(1)IceSource special Shell and Tube Evaporator, condenser
Quantity 1 Set
Condensor cylinder Seamless steel tube
Whether has safety Equipped with safety
valve valve
Whether replaceable Replaceable
Cleaning Detachable cleaning
Colour Black or green
(2)Solenoid valve
Brand Danfoss & Castel
Quantity One piece
Applicable R22
Coil power 220V/110V ,
Whether Replaceable
the coil replaceable
Coil insulation class IP65
(3)Pressure controller
Model KP15
Brand Danfoss
Product ID 060-1241
Quantity 1set
Operation form Automatic
Applicable R22

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