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Production Record

8 tons daily capacity block ice machine

by Admin Update time: 2012-11-23 09:44

Our company can design and manufacture block ice machine with 8 tons daily capacity, each block ice is 100 kg.The following table can  make it clear to understand.

Item No.

Daily Capacity


Weight of Ice


Size of Ice Molds (mm)

Quantity of

Ice Mold (pcs)

Ice Forming

Time (hrs)

Ice Ouput Times

per day (time/day)

Total Quantity

of Block Ice

in a day (pcs)





Bottom: 460mm*210mm





1. Weight and size of each hot sales we can design as your requirement.
2. Size of machine is before installation, it is for reference only.
3. we will prepare matched cooling tower for the machine, it will be installed outside.
4. It is completely machine that we offer. It contain main frame, salt water tank (inside the tank is hot sales cans with shelf, on the top of the tank is covers), cooling tower, water pumps, water pipes and water pipe fittings.

As to the above analysis, I have something to explain to you.
1. It is the most optimized design for your ice plant. The total land area of your whole plant is about 118 square meter. And the height of your factory is no less than 3500mm. If you have an available warehouse which has big enough, you needn't to build a new factory.
2. We match a cold room of 60 cubic meter for you to store ice. It is enough for you to store 20 tons ice in one time. The size of cold room depends on your ice storage. We will change its size according to your requirement.
3. Because the 100kg block ice is too heavy to manage by manpower. It is better for you to equip a crane system to output ice and filling water automatically. It will save your long-term cost on manpower and increase efficiency of machine.

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