CBFI ice machine create a history of ice making industry

Technology development, scientific innovation. No matter which industry,are being gradually to a more suitable for people to live, which is the ultimate goal of scientific development. And for refrigeration industry, which has gradually looking for safer and more efficient refrigeration technology.

 In the production ice machine, CBFI ice machine adopted patent technology in the refrigeration system. CBFI has been a new direction for in this industry. 

Traditional refrigeration system use the ammonia as refrigerant, it is now the best cooling performance of material. However, the ammonia is great harmfulness. Firstly it has a strong irritating odor, easily volatile, and it will leak if storage improperly; secondly, after the ammonia dissolved in water ,it will very dangerous ; finally, the produce of ammonia reaction with water has highly corrosive copper and other metals, and the serious accident site is easy to occur.
At present, most of refrigeration system used ammonia for its low price and easy to maintenance. While, with the incidents keeping occurring, the system defects are gradually emerge. The liquid ammonia leaked accident occurred in 2013, the frequently accident of liquid ammonia almost be stealth killer in our surroundings and people's nightmare. It also lead us to improve our refrigeration technology safer, Freon refrigerant is our first choice.
Compared with liquid ammonia system, Freon system is safer. Although Freon cost more, and the cooling effect is a little bit worse than ammonia, but the new technology already to shorten the gap.
Large ice block machine from Guangzhou Icesource refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd adopt the very safe Freon system. Guangzhou Icesource refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 as we know, and is experience in ice machine making, which has been the top class of the industry. The company based on independent research, efforts to enhance the technical competitive power. It has owned two patented technologies :flat-plate heat exchange and circulating heat gas for ice dropping, this makes Guangzhou Icesource the clear leader in the ice making industry.