Energy saving and environmental protection go with you

Guangzhou Ice source Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is founded in 2004. In the history of development of 14 years ,we go through the change of market ,with rain along the way . "Energy saving and environmental protection is the core content of global economic development of Copenhagen times. It is the social responsibility of each individual, but also the pursuit of corporate.

Energy saving relate to the healthy development of ecology, but also the country environment in the future. Guangzhou Icesource refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd committed to provide energy saving    and environmental protection equipment for society. The company focused on high-end technology and product develop. We mastered the core technology, do the research independently, created products by andvance processes. We have a strong advantage on highly personalized ice machine. We address to energy saving   and environment protection ,its our Chinese dream.

Guangzhou Icesource refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd do its best to create a world-class ice machine all the time .