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Flake Ice Maker Machine BF Series


flake ice :

Flake-ice-machine-a Flake-ice-machine-a Flake-ice-machine-a
  1. ①.The temperature of ice is lower and it can reach 8 celsius degree below zero
  2. ②.Ice is dry and transparent, good looking shape, non-caked, good mobility and sanitary.
  3. ③.It has the flake shape so that it has big contact area with refrigerating products and the effect is excellent.
  4. ④.Flake shape and no sharp edges, cannot destroy refrigerating products and it is beneficial for storage and transportation.
  5. ⑤.The thickness of flake ice is 1mm-2mm. No need to crush and can use at any time.

flake ice machine images:

flake ice machine
flake ice machine
flake ice machine

flake ice machine equipment features:

  1. ①.Higher refrigeration efficiency and lower loss of refrigeration capacity
    Automatic flake ice machine adopts the latest vertical evaporator with inner helix ice cutter. In the process of ice , the water distribution device in ice sprays water even on the internal surface of ice to frozen in a short time. After ice formed, the helix ice cutter drops down and cut ice. In this method, it makes a full use of evaporator and increase the efficiency of ice .
  2. ②.High quality, dry and non-caked
    The thickness of flake ice which produced by automatic plate ice machine with vertical evaporator is about 1mm to 2mm. The ice shape is irregular flake ice and it has good mobility..
  3. ③. Simple structure and small land area
    The series of ice flat has different kinds including fresh water type, seawater type, fixed cold source type, equip cold source by customer, and ice flat machine with cold room. And the daily capacity is ranges from 500kg to 60000kg. Customers can choose suitable machine according to site and different water quality. Compared to traditional ice , it has advantage of small land area and low operation cost (no man for ice harvest)..

ice principle:

02:Refrigerant runner
03:Water inlet
05:ice skate
06:Water sprinkling pan
07:Principle axis
08:Water sprinkler
09:Water return pipe
10:Ice freezing surface
11:Insulation layer
12:Ice outlet
13:Low water pan
14:Stainless steel wrapper sheet

As shown, ice skate, water sprinkling pan, principle axis and low water pan are driven by decelerator and run slowly counterclockwise. The water flows into the water distributive pan from the water inlet of evaporator, and then sprinkles over on the ice freezing surface evenly through water sprinkler, becoming a water film. The water film has a heat exchange with the refrigerant in the refrigerant runner and its temperature quickly decreases till forming of a layer of thin ice on ice freezing surface. Under the extrusion of ice skate, the thin ice layer turns into ice flake and then falls into ice storage bin from the ice outlet. The partial unfrozen water then returns to the cold water tank through water receiving plate from water return outlet.

flake ice machine Technical parameters:


NO. Images(42*42) Production capacity of refrigeration Weight of Machine Machine Dimension
-- Ton/D Kw kg L*W*H(mm)
BF500 0.5 3.75 160 1220*900*1000
BF1000 1.0 8.85 210 1300*960*1200
BF2000 2.0 17.84 360 1500*1200*1350
BF3000 3.0 24.15 1000 1800*1250*1400
BF5000 5.0 35.10 1100 2100*1250*1500
BF6000 6.0 45.85 1100 2500*2040*2200
BF8000 8.0 42.70 1300 2100*1250*1500
BF10000 10.0 76.10 1500 2300*1750*1740
BF15000 15.0 110.9 3200 3200*2100*2000
BF20000 20.0 151.0 4200 3400*2200*2560
BF25000 25.0 180.0 5000 3800*2300*2560
BF30000 30.0 214.2 6000 4500*2300*2800
BF40000 40.0 226.1 7500 7800*2100*2480
BF50000 50.0 268.1 10000 5000*2300*3000
BF60000 60.0 278.4 12000 5500*2300*3200

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Payment & Shipping Terms:

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Port: Guangzhou
Packaging Details: 1. Standard wooden case.
2. Completely ice machinecontain: ice machine, cooling tower, water pump, water pipes and water pipe fittings.
3. Machine come into use, customer only need prepare power for the machine.
4. All required components for install the machine will be provide
Delivery Time: 30 days after down payment
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Month

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