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The features of Shelf Plate Freezer:
A. The Shelf Plate Freezer use Aluminum alloy plate as the evaporator, which heat transfer efficiency can save 40% and the rate of teat transfer is up to 32 times than the evaporator use copper pipe welding in the zinc-plated board.

B. Aluminum alloy plate is not easy to deformation and the surface is smooth so that can be tight with the fish dish and increase the freezing rate. In 3-4 hours it can be frozen (fish plate size is 600 * 400 * 50 G134602).

C. Aluminum alloy flat-panel design with film to strengthen, not only to ensure the strength of flat, but also to improve the heat transfer efficiency. Besides, the Aluminum alloy flat-panel is unique coil design so that the oil return is more smoothly.

D. We use Germany Bitzer compressor which is stable quality, low noise, high efficiency. The energy saving is very prominent. Just S6F-30.2 dual-core compressor is ok. 1.5 tons of fish within 4 hours can reach freeze standard (center temperature of -15 degrees to -18 degrees).

F. freeze storage room use high-pressure foaming technology to ensure the density of the insulation of the freeze room and effectively reduce the energy loss. All doors are opened at the front so that can reduce the installation space and is convenience for cleaning flat easily, and maintenance, etc...

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cold-room machine Features:

Tube ice is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn't likely to melt in a short time,good air permeability.
Tube ice machine features:
Perfect design: adopt 3D simulation asseTVly, compact structure, easy operate and maintain.
Health:ice adopt SUS304, PE, and aluminium material to process, and adopt big rounded excessive design, everywhere of the machine is easy to clean.

Efficient performance: ice adopt special alloy material and with special heat treatment, make the ice with best thermal performance.
Full automatically: PLC system controls the whole ice process.
Application:It can be directly eaten or used to freeze drinks, mix wines, cool foodstuffs, make ice pastries and keep fresh ect.

ice principle of the tube ice maker machine
After the refrigeration system normal working, the water in the bottom water bin take form the outlet transpored to the inlet of the upper water bin by the chilling pump,and then through the water segregator as a screw flow way along the inner wall of the recuperator tube flowing downward with the refrigerant on the surface of recuperator tube doing heat exchange,then the temperature is reduced, parts of water will be formed ice tube in the inner recuperator tube, the water that don't formed ice after fall of temperature will be flowing into the bottom water bin, the water circulating again and again, so the cold energy will loss just a little.


After a certain time, the water stops circulated,the refrigeration system change into ice dropping model,ice cutting structrue running, the refrigeration on surface of the trcuperator tube will be turned into high pressure refrigerant gas,the heat gas exchange heat with the ice tube in the ice and make the ice tube melt little ,then the ice tube without the gravity, slide down into the ice cutting structure,and cut ice tube to small tubes.


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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Guangzhou
Packaging Details: 1. Standard wooden case.
2. Completely ice machine

contain: ice machine, cooling tower, water pump, water pipes and water pipe fittings.
3. Machine come into use, customer only need prepare power for the machine.
4. All required components for install the machine will be provide

Delivery Time: 30 days after down payment
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Month

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