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Block Ice Maker Machine

Guangzhou IceSource Refrigeration Equipment Co., Limited design large ice maker machine,according to environment temperature,relative humidity and wet bulb temperature of machine install ss variable-speed start screw type compressor,open-ended serpentine coil and evaporative condenser.Circulating of salt water under action of large capacity special agitator,ice harvest equipment adopt special crane system suit for taking out ice,both these design ensure the whole machine's design confirm with international standard.It ensured machine with long working life,also fully ensured production of machine.machine finished by our design,according to statistics,with very low failure rate,working life of machine can more than 15years.

Brine refrigeration block ice machine

Brine refrigeration block ice machine MB Series

(1)Block ice machine structure: mainframe, water tank and cooling. We will prepare the three in unit,you just need to connect the power and water pipes for the three parts.Pls see the picture in the attachment.

(2)Daily production:1 ton per day to 20 tons per day, if the capacity is more than 20 tons per day we have no way to ship it,except we do the local construction in your place.

(3)Weight of ice: 2.5kg,5kg..10kg..20kg….. also can be done as your requirement.

(4)Power form supply: 380V/50HZ/3P, Refrigerant is R22

(5)Application: the block ice is use to reduce temperature, especially in Africa country the power is not stable,when the power is off ,people is the block ice cooling the drinking and beverage,some people the block ice to keep fish fresh or crushed the ice into small pieces to fresh vegetable and fruit.

Large freon block <a title=Ice hot sales Questions machine BBI Series" />

Ice maker machine BBI Series" href="large-freon-block-ice-maker-machine">

Large freon block ice machine BBI Series

(1) Structure : Mainframe (compressor unit),ice pool,cooling tower.For this one need to do some civil work for the ice plant,and it is better send our engineer go to guide the installation.

(2)The power source to make salt water moving in ice tank is the water agitation,the power of the agitation is 4 kw,it is relaible to use with long useful life.The coil tube evaprators will put on both sides of ice pool.

(3)Weight for MB100 usually is designed at 25kg,50kg or 100kg ,we also can be done as your requirement.

(4)Material of ice model :galvanized sheet

Automatic block ice machine ABI Series

Ice maker machine ABI Series" href="automatic-block-ice-maker-machine-abi-series">

Automatic block ice machine ABI Series

Automatic block ice machine the biggest features is that the large-scale maker machine no need salty water and other cooling medium during the freezing period, when after the ice formed, it will dropping into the special ice contact convey device from the ice models, the whole course of ice forming is sanitary ,clean, it can reach the edible request. And the machine adopt the cycle heat gas harvesting ice technology and direct heat expansion, heating exchanging technology, the product performance become more steady, it has broken the question of the large-scale can’t for eat.

Brine refrigeration block ice machine

Containerized block ice machine MBC Series

Containerized block ice machine is a integrity machine that fit for the mobile supply water, vehicle installed , shipping installed, this machine designed multiple-hole supply water spray head and the special crane for taking out of the ice , so the production very convenience, reduced the working load. Through the specialized processing for the container , increasing the container’s heat preservation ,anti-corrosion and anti-slide performance. And make a deleting sounds and sound-proof design for the refrigerant main machine , it further improved the container’s working environment.

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