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  • Brine refrigeration block ice maker machine
  • Brine refrigeration block ice maker machineMainframe (compressor unit),ice making pool,cooling tower.For this one need to do some civil work for the ice plant,and it is better send our engineer go to guide the installation.
  • Containerized block ice maker machine
  • Containerized block ice maker machineContainerized block ice maker machine is a type of mobile and integrated ice maker machine, which is fit for supplying ice block in vehicle and vessels.
  • Automatic block ice maker machine
  • Automatic block ice maker machine

    Automatic block ice maker machine the biggest features is that the large-scale ice blocks no need salty water and other cooling medium during the freezing period.

  • Tube ice maker machine
  • Tube ice maker machineTube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter28mm,30mm and length 25~42mm.
  • Flake ice maker machine
  • Flake ice maker machineThe thickness of flake ice which produced by automatic plate ice maker machine with vertical evaporator is about 1mm to 2mm.
  • Plate ice maker machine
  • Plate ice maker machineCBFI fast producing ice plate machine is a new generation product which for design and manufacture that combined partial freezing preservation technology
  • Ice Crusher Machine
  • Ice crusher machineIce crusher is an exclusive equipment for a series of block ice maker machine to crush ice block, easy to operate, fit with special ice cramp, equipped with protection plate from ice rebounding.
  • Quick freezer
  • Quick freezerWhen average temperature is -18 Degrees Celsius, foods quickly frozen by the maximum ice crystal generate area.
  • Cold room
  • Cold roomWell-known major components are selected for the cold storage, which ensures reasonable configuration, steady movement, good insulation function, and low power consumption.

CBFI Ice Maker Machine

Guangzhou Icesource is specialize in research, design, produce and sell large production cube ice maker machine, block ice maker machine, plate ice maker machine, tube ice maker machine and flake ice maker machine, and its accessory equipment, for example cold room, crane, ice crushing machine and so on. Machine's output design can start from single small ice maker machine for produce 1ton ice per day to large scale completely ice making system for produce 100tons ice per day. All components from choosing raw material to processing and finished products, all pass strict inspection, strict quality control, ensure completely ice system with excellent quality. The products are widely applied to different fields, such as food industry, large chain supermarket, retail, aquatic product, chemical industry, water conservancy, power plant, health care, large public project, mine cooling, chemical industry, etc.

    Icesource independent research and design is the source of technology to update, our company has owned two patented technologies: flat-plate heat exchange and circulating heat gas for ice dropping. These two patents have greatly improved the stability and safety of our ice making machine and ensure machine prominently energy saving, its energy saving rate is more than 30%.It start new generation of energy saving product. Icesource products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE certificate. We have been keep tracking service condition of our products, have record for more than 400customers in more than 30countries from Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America. It bring us rich experience and and valuable data to improve our products for different environment condition.

Icesource take "painstakingly created high quality products and wholehearted service" as company tenet, keep developing and perfecting our sales system and after-sale service system, Combined with own advantages, continuous learning foreign mature sales experience and cater to domestic and international market trends and demands. Company adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on social and economic benefits. We will try our best offer customer timely and comprehensive service and support.

Icesource adhere "people oriented, technology first" corporate ideas, view customer's practical needs, improving people life quality and environment for human being existing as a duty. Gathering strong technology, professional talent, and advanced facilities, continuously improve making ice technology, to be leader of ice maker machine industry.

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