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Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD     Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD is specialized in research of large edible ice machine and large industrial ice machine, efficient low-temperature water chilling units as well as high-performance ultra-low temperature refrigeration e...

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    What you can get from CBFI!

  • Come on! CBFI new design coil tube evaporator for ice block machine. Giving You strong shock about power saving and machine performance. The World largest cube ice machine, it is CBFI! Sanitary and flat tube ice, ice dropping Fast, How can you not choose CBFI Tube Ice Machine? The largest power saving plate ice machine, don’t miss it anymore. Flake Ice Machine, the wise choose for fishery industry! Bag ice block machine, opening the easy ice making business. Direct evaporator automatic ice block machine, Enjoying the big edible ice block! Are you still looking for highly Cooling Feeling? Alright, please contact with the CBFI Cold Room.

    Steady Quality and Good Service

  • The parts of our machine adopt the international famous brands, such as compressor -- Germany BIZTER, or BOCK; American Copeland; Expansive valve --- Denmark DANFOSS; Solenoid vale -- Italy CASTAL; PLC program -- Germany Siemens; Electric components --Korea LG, etc. So that can totally guarantee the quality and steady running of machine.

    Looking! CBFI Team

  • CBFI Team is willing to offer professional products to every respected customer. Whatever you learn about ice machine and cold room or not before or you are fresher for ice business. Every inquiry and question from you our team is glad to share with all of you. We like communicating. So please be free to contact with us.